MPG - Michael Prasad Group
Chartered Accountants and Business Development


Are you faced with these situations?

  1. Struggling with your business financially - do you want to find out ways to do things better to improve cashflow and profitability.

  2. Do you have a growing business and can’t keep up with the key issues such as the ever increasing need for cash to fund your growth or unexpected problems? Don’t know your full potential or don’t have an exit plan.

  3. Got a problem about your business that is worrying you which you need expert advice to resolve sooner rather than later.

  4. Thinking of a property purchase or development project and need upfront advice to avoid costly issues later on.

  5. Just feeling like wanting to get more from your Accountant. Make the change now.


How we can help you:


Achieve Tax Filings & Financial Statements

This is what every business, property developer or taxpayer has to have done, just to “comply” with the tax laws and banking agreements.  It includes income taxes and the assortment of other tax matters Government requires of you. Our Business Basics will ensure that you fully comply with tax rules without too much difficulty and also meet your Banks covenant reporting requirements for loans. Business Basic fees start from a low $300.00 plus GST per month. 


Understand and track your Operational Cashflows

Everyone knows that Cash is King! Your business needs cash to run effectively. If you find that cashflow is a worry for you - you need to invest in Cash Management. We will show you what happens to cash in your business, whether you are generating enough or not and how it gets used up or wasted. Understanding and making changes will help improve your Operational Cashflows and more importantly make you a better business.

Business reporting and dashboards

Improve your Business Profits by understanding the Financial Drivers

With our Business Reporting and Dashboards system, we help you see the past, present and the future of your business. You can't get a grip of your business if you are chasing around for information. We help you focus into your business with powerful, bespoke KPI dashboards to track financial perfomance v budget, analyse trends, manage your financial drivers or simply just celebrate how well you are doing. We build a "V8 Engine" to power your business to success.



Improve your Business by developing strategies to additional profits

With our Business Accelerator we take you to the next level of success. This is for the select few businesses who have the mind-set to want to do exceptionally well.  We actively assist you with the development of your strategies for financial success.  We help you discover the unexploited profit potential that lies within your business.  Our aim is to help you make your business even more profitable and therefore more valuable. This will involve us in many non-accounting aspects of your business, helping you develop strategies that lead to additional profits and improve the value of your business.


Take advantage of other specialised services.

Utilize our expertise to help solve other common problems that your business may face.   Our one-time projects include exceptional advice and assistance in setting new tax effective structures for business, property development or other projects, business transaction planning for a buy or sale, or getting our expert advice on any number of issues that could result in significant value to you. We specialise in dealing with very difficult IRD Audits or Debt issues and can provide specialist help from an expert legal team for prosecution cases. We help you understand and deal with risk issues in your business from checking on compliance with employment laws to strategic planning, making improvements to make your business run better and faster.

Get in touch

At MPG know that finding the right accountant to represent you is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations to discuss  your needs, the scope of your goals, your budget and how we work together.