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Before I met Michael, I thought all Accountants were the same. Changing your Accountant is not an easy task especially if you have had long relationships that become hard to move on from. I found that with my previous Accountants I was in a professional relationship and for years felt I was not achieving the results that I wanted. My business just became another set of accounts or return to file and it was very mundane.

I met Michael through a business associate and he immediately made me feel at ease and comfortable. He and the team at MPG managed the switch over and took over all of my accounting and streamlined my affairs from what was very complex and causing major compliance issues to a very simple and clean process. It was the big picture approach of what we needed to do and how to get there.

Now I have a systems in place that help me achieve goals I set and what’s best is that there are no hidden surprises.

Trust, service and professionalism of this kind are hard to find and when you do - you hold onto them. The depth of professional advice, business planning and risk management I have received from MPG is something you would expect from a much larger firm but importantly it is the personal touch that Michael and his team provide which makes them stand head and shoulders above the rest of Accountants.

I urge anyone looking to do better to give Michael a call and have a chat. I did that over 5 years ago and its one of the best things I did.
— Antony Arnerich, Vaco Developments

One of our friends recommended that we change our Accountants to MPG as they were her Accountants. Our business was growing and we needed help with it.

Michael has done a great job in making our business easier and tidy. We can now focus our efforts towards new and bigger goals and don’t have to worry about many of the financial information, tax and company compliance issues that small business owners struggle with. We now have better systems to get information about our business and we manage risks and issues better. We love property as we stage homes for sale and working with MPG we now have the confidence to be able to step up into property development knowing that we can access expert advice and help.

We feel that getting professional advice upfront gives us the confidence and knowledge to be able to do better and without worrying about problems or issues. If you are thinking of a new Accountant, we recommend that you contact Michael and MPG and we can assure you that you will know what we were talking about.
— Alex and Rae Long, Mint Homes

I run a business that has stringent reporting requirements and deals with a significant amount of data. I needed an Accounting firm that had the capabilities to deliver on all of my compliance and governance requirements and one that would also support me to be successful.

I chose MPG ahead of other larger recommended Accounting firms as I knew that I would be getting a personalised approach and a higher level of expertise from Michael and his team than just an Accountant completing my reports. I am always looking for that deep insight and I know that MPG’s experience in accounting has been delivering that for me and has helped my business growth.

We have built an outstanding friendship and its surprising that we get treated as friends and not like clients. The team at MPG are readily available whether it be a phone call or in person and I have always received outstanding advice on issues that I get faced with. Its vital for our business to have this kind of relationship as it gives me peace of mind that my business is well looked after in the detail that is required.

No matter how big or small your business is MPG is the kind of Accountant you need to have on your team. I highly recommend that you contact them, if you are truly serious about your business.
— Prakash Hira-Patel, McDonalds Britomart and Queen Street

We have been a client of MPG for over ten years now, during which time our business has experienced the full gamut of economic and market conditions. MPG have assisted us with numerous aspects of our business, including corporate configuration, systems, banking and finance, international expansion, and of course, taxes.

Over the last decade Michael has become a key member of our business team, his knowledge, experience, and friendly demeanour extend well beyond the expectations of a typical accountancy service provider, to being that of a trusted business advisor and friend.
To succeed in any business you need straight-shooting, highly experienced professionals on your team, and for us, MPG has delivered.

I can unconditionally recommended Michael and the whole team at MPG.
— Mark Coory, Capisco

I have been using MPG for over 5 years now. I chose them because I wanted an Accountant who understood my retail business and could help me with the best structure for my business (4 shops in the Wellington region) and to ensure that I was doing the right things financially for my business.

They have proven to be everything they promised and more. I have a great relationship with them and sometimes I fire off daily emails or ring them for advice and always get a thorough and quick response back. They quickly understood me and what I was wanting from an Accountant and then they accomodated how they worked with me to ensure that we were not overlapping or paying for advice that I did not require.

I highly recommend MPG to other retailers looking for an accounting firm that will add value to their business
— Paula Lynch, Paula's Funiture and Beds

Over the last 10 years, I have built several businesses from my home office into multi-million dollar companies. One of the contributing factors for my success has been my relationship with Michael and MPG. The knowledge and expertise that Michael provides has led to many ideas that I have actioned not just in my business but also in my personal life and in fact many of my business colleagues and personal friends are now clients of MPG.

It is a total pleasure to work with someone like Michael and to learn from one of the very best.
— Bruce Millar, Sports Multiplied

MPG is really a professional, dynamic and visionary firm providing me with friendly and personal service for the past 10 years. They are not my Accountants but my Business Partners.
— Sunil Kumar, Unichem Grey Lynn Pharmacy

We have been dealing with MPG for over 5 years. Their professionalism, expertise, advice and accessibility is second to none. As a business owner the ability to seek advice on any business matter (not just accounting) at any time is invaluable. MPG’s business model takes accountancy to a new level and should be the benchmark other accountancy firms should strive for.
— Kelly Green, Experience Motorcycles

A number of years ago I moved all of my accounting requirements to MPG. Since then I have been more than happy with their professional services. Not only are the professional charges more favourable than what I had been accustomed to, I am now receiving far better service and advice. My tax and ACC payments have been significantly reduced due to superior knowledge. Not only does MPG provide you with first rate accounting services, but you are dealing with a business that cares about its customers.

I would have no hesitation in recommending MPG regardless of the size of your company.
— Brian Childs, Superior Glass

I know Michael through work he does for our mutual clients. I found him very effective, with very good business sense. He is able to think outside the square and provide solutions that are not only practical but sensible. He is highly skilled in his accounting and tax advisory work. It is not easy to find an accountant that can also be your business advisor.
— Eva Ho, Focus Law

I have been working with MPG over the past few years and have found their service to be professional, on time and very effective.
The team at MPG is also very reliable and personable and I enjoy the service received from the team.
— Gary Marshall, L'Oreal Paris

MPG has been my accountants for some 10 years now. They have proven to be honest, efficient, conscientious, trustworthy and totally reliable. Michael is very approachable and always willing to share his knowledge. He is proactive, a problem solver and an accountant keen to devise creative solutions. The team at the office are always warm and welcoming and I highly recommend their accounting services
— Alexandra Ryan, Poppies Kindergarten

MPG came recommended by the New Zealand Retailers Association and we loved the idea of an accountant that was retail-focused. The change was the best thing we did for our business. Not only did we get our problems solved, we ended up with a GST refund of some $11,000. Since then, Michael and his team have contributed in helping us make key decisions for our business. In 2012, our business grew 114 per cent. Michael was always on call during this busy time, offering help and advice and guided us through our expansion into Australia.
— Mitchell and Kun Grant, French Jewellery and Model Workshop

10 years ago, I had a small kebab business and needed to change my accountants. I came and saw Michael and it has been best thing that I ever did. Not only did I get a better fee for my end of year accounts and tax work, I have picked up so much valuable information over the years about improving profits and business growth. I have used MPG’s higher level business services and have grown my business to be the largest kebab chain in NZ.

The ability to access skills and expert knowledge from MPG when I was ready has proved invaluable. Thank you Michael and MPG.
— Ish Salman, Kebabs on Queen